License Policy

We appreciate your decision to select our store for your product requirements. Our utmost dedication lies in delivering top-notch products and services, and it is essential for us to clarify our licensing policy to guarantee your understanding.

  1. Single Domain License Policy

Our products are governed by the Single Use / Single Domain License (SUSDL) policy, which stipulates that each purchased product is licensed for use on a single domain. Once the license is generated for a specific domain, it cannot be altered or transferred without obtaining an additional license.

  1. Usage Limitations

Kindly be aware that our products do not fall under open-source licenses, such as GPL. Any act of sharing, selling, or reselling our products is a direct violation of our licensing policy. Moreover, any form of modification to our products is strictly prohibited.

  1. Product Usage Restrictions

You are permitted to utilize our products for your personal use or on behalf of a client; however, altering the product name and reselling it is strictly prohibited. Additionally, decompiling or reverse engineering any of our products is not allowed.

  1. Compliance with Licensing Policy

We place great importance on our product licensing policy and expect all customers to strictly comply with it. Any breach of our license policy will result in immediate termination of the license agreement, and legal measures may be pursued if deemed necessary.

  1. Modification of Licensing Policy

We retain the right to revise our License Policy at any time, without prior notice. It is your responsibility to stay updated regarding any modifications made to the policy.

We appreciate your choice in selecting our products. Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding our licensing policy, please feel free to reach out to us. We are here to assist you.