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PHP Moj App Video Downloader Script create your own for free

Introducing an efficient and reliable Moj app video downloader script that can be seamlessly integrated into your website with just a few simple steps!

This script, developed by Dipankar Baidya (Facebook:, guarantees fast and secure video downloads from the Moj app. Whether you’re using a computer or a mobile phone, this script supports various video formats and resolutions.

Once downloaded, you can conveniently play the videos using the built-in video player. Additionally, the script offers features like adjusting video playback speed, enabling repeat video mode, and even converting videos to audio files effortlessly.

Experience the convenience of this PHP-based Moj video downloader script, which ensures a user-friendly and versatile video downloading solution for your website.

Step 1 Download

Download PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

Step 2 Include

Include PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser to your page


Step 3 Create Form

Create html form, this form work on get moj app share video link and convert it into mp4.

<form  method="post" action="">
  <div class="input-group">
  <input class="form-control" type="url" name="moj_link" placeholder="Paste Youtube link" <?php if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ echo "value='$moj_link'";} ?>required onclick=";">
  <input type="submit" class="_btn submitbt" value="Download Video" name="submit">

This is important steps to get or convert link into video mp4 from simple add this php script to your page

  $html = file_get_html($moj_link);
  foreach($html->find('video') as $video_){
    echo "<video controls src='".$video_->src."' height=450></video>";

I Hope you liked PHP Moj Video Downloader Script which I create feel Free to Download and use it, Don’t forget to Subscribe my YouTube Channel TECHboto.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and maybe got some inspiration for your next project.

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