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How to Get the Current URL in WordPress Category Author Pages

How to Get the Current URL in WordPress Category Author Pages

WordPress is a powerful content management system that allows you to create and manage various types of content on your website. Sometimes, you may need to retrieve the current URL of your WordPress site when you’re on specific pages like Category or Author Pages. In this article, we’ll explore how to get the current URL in WordPress when you’re on Category or Author Pages.

Understanding Category and Author Pages

Before diving into the code, let’s briefly understand what Category and Author Pages are in WordPress:

  • Category Pages: These are pages that display a list of posts categorized under a specific topic or category. For example, you might have a Category Page for “Technology” that displays all posts related to technology.
  • Author Pages: These pages showcase posts authored by a specific writer on your website. Each author typically has their own page with a list of their published articles.

Getting the Current URL Using PHP

To obtain the current URL on Category or Author Pages, you can use WordPress functions and variables. You can place this code in your theme’s template files or in a custom plugin.

<?php echo home_url(add_query_arg(array(), $wp->request)); ?>

Get Current WordPress Slug Using PHP

You can utilize the following PHP function to obtain the current page/post’s slug. This code is versatile and functions correctly, whether it’s an archive page or a single post, for any page type within WordPress.

global $wp;
$current_slug = add_query_arg( array(), $wp->request );
echo $current_slug;

The WordPress slug is the text that comes after your domain name. For example, in the URL “”, the slug is “about.” It provides a valuable method to uniquely identify content in a user-friendly way.

In conclusion, grasping the method for obtaining the current URL in WordPress through a PHP code snippet opens up a realm of opportunities for tailoring and refining your website. Equipped with the comprehensive guidance provided in this article, you can now apply this technique with confidence, propelling your WordPress development expertise to new heights.

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